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Top INFLUENCER Marketing Services in Dubai UAE Through Broclick and  we can help get your brand in front of new audiences. By sourcing, planning and managing campaigns from end to end  for small and large budgets  and we can coordinate gifted and paid collaborations with maximum results.

 your brand and bring your products or services to the forefront of potential new customer’s minds.
Our aim is to find people who are the perfect match for your brand. our team already have a network of reputable who we have worked with on a variety of different projects, which we can recommend and negotiate with for your social campaigns, but we are also equipped to find new collaborators. And our team will work to your budgets to find the ideal fit.

helps brand reach a highly targeted audience, which benefits brands in a number of ways such as- • More leads • Better conversion rate • Better online brand presence • Relevant website traffic • Brand association leverage All kinds of market & business goals can be achieved For example- if a brand wants to create brand awareness, this can be done through content amplification on meme pages. 


Our INFLUENCER Marketing Services

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template. 


INFLUENCER Marketing strategy

Influencer marketing strategy

means finding and targeting the brand’s product (service) to the right target audience at the right social media platform and at the right time for better positioning, awareness, leads and ultimately inspiring the buying decision of the prospects for sales. We advocate that the word of mouth is the best form of marketing as it is has already between trustful relationships. For example- If a brand wishes to promote its health supplements such as protein supplement powder, such product will be promoted through a fitness influencer on YouTube in order to reach the target market


INFLUENCER Marketing Effective

Influencer marketing is more effective than traditional advertisements starring celebrities as in case of celebrities, potential customers do not have any trust-based relation. On the other hand, social media influencers have much more intimate bond with their followers and their opinions are valued.


Business goals by INFLUENCER Marketing

All kinds of marketing & business goals can be achieved through influencer marketing. For example- if a brand wants to create brand awareness, this can be done through content amplification on meme pages. However, if a food brand wants to make more sales, then it can be promoted through a food influencer


Support & Maintenance

While in both, influencer marketing and digital marketing, the product (service) is marketed to the target audience through digital / online world, however the approaches used are very different from each other. Influencer marketing utilises the brand association leverage strategy i.e. the trust of the social media influencer between him/her and his/her followers. However in case of digital marketing, organic (SEO, SMO) and inorganic (SEM, PPC) methods are used to reach the target audience